Available Granites

Blue Ridge Granite is a medium blue, fine grained stone quarried
at our Blue Ridge Quarry. This granite is our best-selling material because of its consistent color.

American Black Granite is quarried in Pennsylvania.
Also, known as French Creek Black this granite is black with white veining.

Autumn Rose Granite is quarried in Oklahoma. Another name for this granite is Tweed.

Dakota Mahogany is quarried in Milbanks, South Dakota
and is one of the most popular granites for memorials in the United States.

Barre Granite is a gray granite that is quarried in Barre,
Vermont (another large granite producing region in the United States).

Cherokee Marble Granite (Georgia Marble) is quarried in Tate, Georgia.
This marble is the best known and most widely used marble for monumental purposes.

Eagle Black Granite (Select Dark Impala) is quarried in South Africa.
This granite is similar in color to Flash Black. It is our most popular black. This granite is great for etching.

Eagle Blue Granite is dark blue, fine grained stone quarried at our Beaverdam Quarry.
Not only is this granite a beautiful material for memorials when polished, but it also looks great steeled.

Eagle Ruby Red (India Red) is a beautiful deep red granite that is quarried in India.
We bring this material to our plant in block form so we can
produce custom monuments for our customers in a timely manner.

Jet Black Granite is quarried in South Africa and its quarried name is Belfast Black Granite.
This granite is the cadillac of black granites and is a beautiful solid black.
When polished Belfast Black takes a very high gloss.

Kershaw Granite (St. Alban’s Pink) is quarried in Kershaw, SC.
This variegated granite is a standard for bases under bronze and also used for memorials.

Morning Rose Granite (North American Pink) is another granite that is quarried in Canada.

Oconee Granite (Rosanna) is quarried outside of Greensboro, Georgia.
The stone has been widely used for bases under bronze and building material.

Salisbury Pink Granite is quarried in Salibury, NC.
This fine granited pink granite is one of the oldest quarried monumental materials in the South.

Silver Cloud Granite (Grey Cloud) is quarried in Lithonia, Georgia.
This material has grey and white swirls and is popular material for building and monumental purposes.